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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Turkey Time

First of all, I have to apologize for the poor quality of these photos. Hopefully....St. Nick will put a nice shiny new Sony in my stocking for Christmas...but...for now...this is all I have. I could not resist posting about these large, large animals.
I never realized that turkeys traveled in herds, but these fellows sure did! At one point we counted over 20 of them!! And to think.....I just committed to paying high dollars for an all natural turkey! These guys wouldn't have missed just a small cousin....:) oh well......I'll remember this next year!!! (Yeah right!!)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Birthday Season

With so many birthdays comin round, sadness
is somewhat easier to deal with. Three of my
four children have birthdays in a two and a half
week span, beginning late Oct., and the last one
will be tomorrow. First, my third son turned 14!
Whew!!! I'm holding on tight.....been through
this twice already:) Next, our youngest child,
our only daughter turned 11:( Then, tomorrow
our second son will be 20! Thank you Zeb for
giving us a break till March! (He will be 25!)
Five days before our first birthday, my father
in-law passed away at the young age of 74. We
miss him so much! He was always the clown of
the family, and I'm always wondering when
Billy is gonna get here? It still doesn't seem real.
Our two oldest sons and their girlfriends are
truly the best! They would NEVER miss their
little sister's party.

Son #3's birthday is so close to little girl's, he
gets a gift at her party too!!
Childhood happiness is such a treasure.
She didn't expect a true magician's kit!
She loved it! Every day I'm thankful
for all my blessings. Children bless
us in so many different ways.