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Sunday, March 20, 2011


It's that time. The time of year I start thinking about beautiful linens, delicate china, chicken salad and scones!
It's such a natural ritual to have a spring tea...even my china cabinet seems to start beckoning me to open it up.  My china is speaking. Can you hear it? "Let me out!!"

I just so happened to come upon the most fantastic blessing ever. My dear friend wanted to part with her beloved Lemoges china collection and she just happened to want me to have it! I've never even seen true Lemoges look! I have tons! And isn't it beautiful?

Soooo delicate. It is so fine it's almost translucent. The china I already had is very beautiful....just not quite
the same. Here's a picture of my old set and new set side by side.

They work beautifully together, don't you think?

Oh, my linens are also in need of some loving use:)

Beautiful antique linens. ~~Swoon~~ I don't mind that they are totally imperfect. Some have stains, some even have holes in them from all the loving hands that have held them.

Yep, it's time. Who wants to come over for tea? How many places should I set? What's on the menu? Come on over sweet's tea time!