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Saturday, March 27, 2010

OK....I Think I'm Ready

 Thanks Frenchy for reminding me to link this with Metamorphosis Monday with Susan Have a great Monday girls!!

Wow, what a BUSY winter we had!!! We did a ton of work in the house. We stripped two LARGE rooms of extreme wallpaper, painted and spruced. Now we're painting another LARGE room to be......MY STUDIO!!!!!! I am SOOOO excited about this project. This is the first house we have ever lived in where I actually had room enough to do my "own thing" in. My space is downstairs where our gallery is and it is very functional. I was totally content with that space, and very grateful for it. Then one day hubby said, "why don't we redo the music room and make it your space. You can do it any way you want". Well...I think I was so shocked that my response was not even enthusiastic. Now however, after dreaming a while....I am all about doing this space. I'm going to do shabby chic, which is going to be so fun! I can't wait! We now have one coat of paint on that room. All the walls and the ceiling. We took down the very out-dated ceiling fans and will replace those with something sweet. We'll paint the concrete floor and then I really get to start playing!!!! I'll definitely post pictures of the whole shabang, but for now, I need to show you our other projects! I'll start with our youngest son's bedroom. He's fourteen and his room was badly outdated. I'll start with a few before pictures. I actually posted these when we first started, then somehow became very distracted :-).
The room has a ton of natural light, but between this dark wallpaper and navy carpet, it felt like a dungeon.
                      Just taking the paper down made the room like so much bigger!

I had to do something to work with this navy carpet. There was no room in our budget for new carpet and this carpet is in great shape.
I really like this shade of blue, and with the white trim, it feels very crisp and clean.

Fun little nook for gaming.

I really wanted different bedding, but once again, big budget restraints. I did find these navy comforters at Bed, Bath and Beyond on clearance for $10.00 each. Steal.

I later decided to make the throws to go across the foot of the bed. Ties in the browns with the blues and whites. Just need to decide on window treatments and call it done.

Over all, I'm pretty happy with the room. Now if I can just get my son to keep it clean!! Any blogging advice on that???
Next I'll post on our living room makeover and studio!!! Have a great evening!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

My Baby's Not a Baby Anymore

Our oldest son turned twenty-five last week. How did that happen? I was twenty-five when he was born and it seems like yesterday. I can still see so plainly those newborn eyes looking up at me in the hospital. There is just no other feeling like that in the world.  I love that boy so much sometimes it hurts. I wish I had early pictures to post so you could see how cute he was when he was little...but at least you can see how handsome of a man he has become.
He also has a beautiful girlfriend of 3 years now that is getting ready to turn twenty-one. A beautiful girl inside and out. I love that girl dearly and will be very proud to call her my first daughter-in-love.

                                                              Zeb and his two best girls.

                               Now with his grandfather, my dad, Albert W. Davison
Zeb has grown into such an awesome young man. He has always been very independent that one. He has made us very proud. He bought his first house last summer, totally on his own, with no help at all from us. He has always paid his own way and taken great pride in his work and his conduct. It's funny how I still call him my baby, I'll just always think of him as "my boy". Have you ever read the book "I'll Love You for Always"? That's how my heart feels for my children. I'll love them for always, I'll like them forever...for now and forever my babies they'll be.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Little Goofy we're acting a little silly with our new Sophie girl. We've never had an indoor dog and we're just beside ourselves with how much fun this little sweetie has brought to our home. Anna is all smiles......always playing "something" with her...trying to dress her up or teach her a new trick. She captured her in these photos during one of their playtimes. She is such a dream pet. Already perfectly trained and so well behaved. We waited a long time for Sophie, but I think we've truly found the perfect pet for us. Hubby said "Well I guess you think I'm weak now that I've given in to a puppy", but Anna quickly came back with "It took six years to talk you into it, so I wouldn't call that weak". The girl speaks truth :-).
Up until we brought Sophie home, I hadn't been doing much blogging. The death of a close friend made me feel like pulling away and just withdrawing. I think now though, I'm feeling sparks of excitement about blogging again. I have done lots of stuff to blog about, so I think I'll get some of them ready for posting. Hope you're all having the MOST wonderful evening.....Leaving you with a loving thought....Shine

                                                                   Heart of Home

                                               Lord, let our house be something more
                                              Than just a shelter with a door:
                                              May it's windows glow with light,
                                             Shedding radiance through the night.
                                            Not just a glitter of glass and chrome,
                                           But give it the "feel" of a happy home.

                                        Let it have flowers and a well-loved book,
                                        Soft cushions in a quiet nook,
                                           May it be more than a downy bed,
                                          Or snowy cloth with silver spread:
                                       Lend it some smiles, warm sympathy,
                                      With kindly thought, true charity---
                                         That all may recall, though they roam,
                                        That God was there---in the heart of the home.

                                                   Christine White

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Heart strings

                                               Meet Sophie. The newest member of our family.
She belongs to Anna, but we are all in love.

                                                         She's like a little puppy cloud!!
I think she's gonna grab our hearts in a hurry.