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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Indulgance goes. While trying to post this, these pictures are very funky. I'm hoping they turn out when it actually goes to publish. Here are some of my favorite Christmas moments. This is my mother...the matriarch of our family. She has created an awesome heritage for her family.
All of my beautiful children.
Preparing the Christmas table, but someone wants dessert first!
A Christmas angel.
Surprise music quilts for everyone!!! (That's why I've been too busy to post much!)
Christmas violin it:)
The joy of gingerbread....and lastly, just more
look at all the coziness.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Experimenting...and sharing

Bucket of snow candles.
Pretty as can be....and not just for Christmas!
Simple and lovely, this is what you do.
Since Santa was so good to bring me a shiny new
Nikon, I thought I should experiment and take
a few shots. This is a super cool idea I found on
The Inspired Room's blog. Super easy and super
cute. The first thing you need is an old metal
vessel. Pot, pan, whatever.
Four pint size canning jars and a bag of Epsom
Fill your glasses about 1/4 of the way with the
salt, then add a votive candle.
Light the candles and put them all in the pot
together. Snow Candles!!! I'll leave them by
my front door all winter. How sweet and simple
is that?!?!

Still Learning

Even after over a year of blogging, I am still having trouble figuring things out...BUT!!!! I am learning!!!! For instance.....I've learned how to change's pretty good for me! my header, how in the world can I move my blog title around? Then also, I can't seem to get my pictures and captions just right. Sometimes they turn out fine, then sometimes they are really funky. Oh well....I've learned alot and I guess I'll continue to plug away at it till I figure it out! In the meantime....Santa brought me a shiny new Nikon. (Yipee yipee!)So.....when I learn how to use that, I will be in business!!! Happy Holidays everybody!!! Hope Santa was good to all of you!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

No More Blurry Turkeys

Too busy these days to do much blogging. Quilts
to finish, socks to finish knitting.....labels to sew
on...cookies to bake. And such is the life in my home.
My husband and I have a custom picture framing
business and art gallery/gift shop. Click on my
Artworks link on the left to get a glimpse. Last
week was our Christmas open house and it was
great! This week, we've been recouperating......
and of course finishing last minute details!!! My
life, like so many others, is far too busy. But the
place I draw the line is with the blurry turkey
post. I really did not intend to have those crazy
birds on so long, but.......just got preoccupied. Oh
well.....hope they didn't offend anyone too much!
Five minutes to get them off the screen is time
well spent!!