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Monday, March 30, 2009

Different, but good...

Yep...this was a VERY different week-end than my last one. Last week-end I was eating scones and dainties, sipping tea with nice conversation. This week-end was all about the boys. Coy, my 19 year old and Ben, my 13 year old took part in a music festival @ UT in Knoxville. They studied under great violinists Yuri Mazurkevich, Miroslav Hristov and Mark Zelmanovich. They participated in workshops, saw incredible luthiers, and presented an awesome concert at the end of the three day festival. We feel honored to have been there and we also feel very blessed.It was smelly and the days were long, BUT...while it was a very different week-end indeed, it was a very good week-end.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Another tea party

This time with grown ups!! The girls from the Cherry Pit came, had tea and goodies...what a treat! I adore the tradition of afternoon tea, and when I get to share it with others...oh my goodness, I have too much fun. The afternoon meal consisted of scones, banana bread, poppyseed bread, oysters patties, quiche, shrimp molds, chicken salad, fruit and veggie tray....strayberry cream puffs, cookies, and chocolate ganache. How delightful! We had black tea, cranberry orange tea and chocolate mint tea for dessert. Yummy! Makes me want more! I could not have pulled this one off without help....Thanks to Rita for all the yumminess she contributed!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Quilting Heaven

This has been "Quiltfest" week here in the Great Smoky Mtns. Quilter's paradise some call it. I talk about loving lost arts and quilting is one that I adore. So much so that I took a Sat. job at our local quilt shop. My husband says it's not a job, it's a hobby and I suppose that's about right. I've had the privilge of working the quiltfest with a dear friend for our shop and boy are we having fun! This is a picture of my favorite quilt that I plan on starting ASAP. So many to choose from, it was a hard decision. As always, our own little shop had the best kits and such. (Of course I'm not biased a bit!) If your ever in Sevier County, be sure to stop in The Cherry Pit. People from all over come by year after year. If you come on a Sat., be sure to say hi!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Well..he's not Clint Eastwood, but that's OK

He is my dad and we are so happy that he was here to celebrate his 78th birthday. After open heart surgery and a ton of complications, he is recooperating nicely. So...even though he's not in as good of shape as Mr. Eastwood who is also 78...he's doing alright for Mr. D.