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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I'm in Trouble

Well.....I've gotten myself in a mess:( I started removing Anna's wallpaper and I am in bad trouble indeed. I have removed approximately 2,500 sq. ft. of wallpaper from this house and I thought I had encountered every kind of wallpaper problem there could be, but alas...I was wrong.
Girls, this paper will NOT come off.
This small corner of the room has taken me over 12 hours.:( I've tried Downey and hot water. I've tried vinegar and hot water. I've let the solutions set....but the problem is this. When the room was built, they did not prime the walls as they were suppose to AND they used gorilla glue. Well, probably not, but, whatever kind of glue it is I have never encountered such a thing.
It is only coming off in teeny, tiny pieces. I've torn the sheet rock multiple times already from trying to soak the paper too long, which means extensive repair work. My only hope now is that my dear, sweet hubby will come to my rescue once again and save the day by......putting up bead board for us:) Yep....I've got a new plan. Wish me luck!!
xoxo Shine