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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Twiddling My Thumbs

Well......not exactly, but....while I am STILL waiting on wedding pictures, thought I'd show some of the things I've been working on in between all the other life school, business things, housework, weddings...etc., etc. First of all, my latest project for my wheel. I found this super cool BFL and fell in fiber love:)

Isn't it gorgeous? BFL, for those that don't spin wool, is wool from a Bluefaced Leicester sheep.

Here, she lies on the floor as I examine her and try to determine "how" I'm going to divide her to spin.
As it turns out, I never did really come up with a plan and when you see the next photo, you'll probably agree that, that was not a great idea.
I thought I spun it all the same way, but as you can see from the two bobbins, I must have been mistaken, because they turned out completely different. However.....all was not lost because the end result was not all bad.

When I plied the two singles, they made a rather interesting yarn. I'm wondering if it will be self-striping?
Next.......I never mentioned it, but my sweet family bought me a wee little loom for Mother's Day:)
Here she is sitting all patiently waiting in her little box till I can somehow find the time to stain her and put her together and then...somehow, find a way to learn how to use her. Now....don't faint or fall out of your chairs, but ladies.....behold the amazing transformation you are about to witness.
First of all.... voila, she has her new body...all stained up with a gorgeous dark walnut.....and then....

All of a sudden, she has her warp on!!!

 Almost on correctly I might add:)
And now just look at that.......amazing I tell you!!!!!! Happened just like that....all in a matter of about 2&1/2 weeks:) Can't wait to put some of my newly spun merino on her and see what appears!!
Blessings sent your way sweet friends~~~Shine

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


While I'm waiting on wedding pictures to emerge, thought I'd post a few of the pictures I took of the flowers. A friend of mine took me to a wholesale florists and then to her house to help me assemble them all. Take a look at all we made on a very small budget.
We used these arrangements for the tables and ceremony.

 Boutonnieres for all the guys, and the mother & grandmother.
 The bride's bouquet.
 Another shot of the bridal bouquet. I love it:)
 One of the bridesmaid bouquets.
Another bridesmaid bouquet. 
We used white hydrangea, white roses, wax flowers, queen anne's lace (which really flopped), light and dark purple stock flowers, daisies, and of course, lavender. Aside from all these beautiful arrangements, we had tons left to do lots of vases with. Hope to have those pictures soon!!!!!!!!
Have a blessed evening ladies:)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

It's Official

Oh my....I can't believe oldest son is now married. How did 27 years go by so quickly? Rest assured...MANY pictures will follow asap :)
This photo was taken just before their first dance.

Friday, May 11, 2012

My Smile for Today

Today as I was reading my Bible I looked up and realized, just from what was before my eyes, how blessed I am. Sometimes it just takes looking up and seeing what's in front of you. This view from my chair makes me smile. Have a blessed day dear sisters....xoxo...Shine

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Looking for Beauty

I've had a hard few weeks. Anybody been there? Life's just too busy for me right now, and it wears me down. I ran across this picture today and it made me smile. Peonies from my mother's gardens last year. 
Tomorrow is a new day and I'm sure everything will be brighter. For today...I hope this picture makes you smile:)