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Saturday, February 23, 2013

One Day

One day I WILL have sheep. I have been all over blogland, finding the most wonderful blogs with darling sheep. Now I know raising sheep would not be all glitz and glamour, and can even be quite scary. A dear friend told me (as she use to raise sheep) that they are some of the only animals just waiting to die. I suppose she was referring to how defenseless they are. That does not deter me though. I WILL have sheep!!!! I am an avid spinner, weaver, knitter and I can't quit thinking about a post I read on on sheep to shawl and how that truly has been my vision for so long.
Alas....right now, I do not have sheep, but I can choose to make the best of what I have....SO.....the next best thing for me now acquire fleece, which I have....skirt it, wash it, comb it, spin it, maybe dye it, and finally, knit or weave it. THAT, I can do right now, and that's what I plan.
Right now, I have been working on weaving a scarf from some beautiful yarn I spun a couple of months ago. I thought it might be fun to see some of the steps that it took to do that. First I bought beautiful wool roving. 100% Merino wool that was hand dyed by Ms. Babs, then I spun it into this beautiful yarn.

I get it ready.
Wind it up.
And break out the loom.
Warp the loom and start weaving.

This promises to be a most beautiful scarf.
But ONE DAY......I WILL have sheep:)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Quick Word

I have come across two great give-aways that I wanted all my dear friends to know about....cause, I just love ya like that...ya know? I want ALL my friends to have really good things:)
So....first check out Cindy at Cindy is an AMAZING knitter, craftsperson, and she's going to give something just BEAUTIFUL away very soon. She is also a fantastic writer that makes my whole day sometimes with her funny sense of humor.
Next, pop over and visit . I found this cute blog at Shetlandwool is giving away a great kit for mittens. Handspun yarn and pattern. Have fun and have a GREAT evening friends!! Blessings~~Shine