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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tblesscape Thursday!!!

Hello again ladies! Well...I thought I'd try again to share just a little with you on this beautiful Tablescape Thursday. Be sure to go to to see some super impressive ladies sharing their awesome ideas. I'm really still a novice when it comes to blogging at all, but I keep plugging away, learning a little as I go along. I'm sharing my cute little gateleg table today. I found this sweetie tucked away in an antique shop for only $40.00. It was in pretty bad shape, but I knew it's potential. A little sanding and a new coat of paint made it just perfect for that spot in my dining room I needed a little something. The first pictures are taken where the table generally lives, then you can can be transformed into something totally different! I love pewter and have a small collection I've picked up at antique shops over the years. I think it makes the perfect cozy little table for two. During the holidays, I pull the table out and set it for the children. Four children can have their own private dinner and feel very special indeed. I hope you all have a very BLESSED day today.........
                                                           God Bless Your Home
                                                             God bless your home
                                                              And all within,
                                                             The friends who come;
                                                             Your kith and kin;
                                                             Your sheltr'ing roof,
                                                             Your homely fare.
                                                             Your place of rest,
                                                             Your toil and care,
                                                             Bless absent ones
                                                             And those you love,
                                                             And guard and guide
                                                             Them from above.
                                                             And grant that soon
                                                             Sweet peace will reign
                                                            In this and ev'ry land again.


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sweet Little Birdies

See those sweet little birdies? You can see them along with lots of other one of a kind hand made goodies at our shop blog. Have a beautiful week-end!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tablescape Thursday

Today is my first Tablescape Thursday. Join for some incredible ideas on making your table something very special indeed. Hope someone will enjoy these gorgeous tables set by my dear friend Theresa Clark. Biscotti....tea...handmade quilts...what could be better?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm just sayin'..........

Before you get into a project.....always be prepared. I thought I was this time. Prepared for it to take a long time, things to be really messy, etc. I think my problem is, I really just don't like the doing of it. LOVE the results, but yuck, the projects just seem to drag too long. I'm really grateful to have a super talented hubby that can do almost anything handy you could think of, but he's too busy! He has to work of course......then there's always a waiting list for him of projects and maintenance things. We got the paper down in the bedroom project in record time. Now, however, we have to wait. Wait for the walls to be sanded, then a thin layer of sheet rock spread and sanded. All the crown and shoe moulding had to be nailed down as it never really was, nail holes filled, sanded scraped and primed. Wowzers. I'm pooped. Can't wait for it too just be to the painting satge, then I can jump back in there and get the ball rolling again. This could be bad since this is the first of three huge projects I hoped to accomplish before the end of Feb. Better suck it in, take a deep breath and quit my belly aching. Life goes on......

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Out with the with the new

Over four years ago we bought this mega house. It's really large...6800+ sq.ft.
We live in this home and also have our business~Artworks & Gift Gallery~ here.
For the entire time we've been here, we've been REALLY busy. Setting up the
business, trying to make the house our home and...oh yeah...homeschooling two
of our four children. We have painted, knocked down walls, re-routed gas lines,
just to name a few of the tasks that HAD to be done. I forgot to mention that every room
in this glorious house was adorned with the latest and most fashionable wall
paper. Now however....the wall paper has got to go. We've done a huge dining
room, a huge, 4 bathrooms and the library. Now for the next
two months, we will be working on another large bedroom, the music room
and our wonderful living room. Here are a few pictures of the bedroom we're
starting on. Stay tuned for more pictures and progress!

These are the colors I'm bringing in....with the blue for the walls............
Maybe one of these blues..........................................
I think maybe this one....We're getting close!!! All the paper and backing
are down. Now for washing walls, sanding, filling holes with sheet rock
mud and sanding again. Priming and painting. Whew.....better go take a nap
first! Be back soon:)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year's (yawn........) excitement

Every New Year's Eve, I always poop out. For 26+ years we've had small
children, so we didn't want to get out in the partying world. I usually just
go to bed, worn out from all the previous holiday partying. Hubster usually
stays up with the children, and they do board games and other silly things.
Like jumping off the couch into the new year......WooooooHooooooo!!!!!!!
This year, hubster was the sleepy one, but son #2 wanted to have his
girlfriend and her mother over to celebrate. I begged him to PLEASE
tell them not to expect much. We were all sleepy, however, I thought I
might just make it longer then the children!
As the anticipated moment drew closer however, they began to liven up
and assume the position.
Faces perked up and smiles poured out abundantly.
We were probably very boring, but we MADE IT!!!!!!! Happy New year everyone!
This year I pray for peace and wisdom. Those are the two things I seek more than