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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

These Days

These crazy E. Tennessee days. The weather has gone totally bonkers!! One day sunny and 70...the next HEAVY rain, temps dropping fast, and the next...highs int he 30's and a chance of snow. It's been this way for 3 months now. CRAZY!! So...on these crazy, never know what it's gonna do days, I am being, yes, just a little obsessed with fiber.
Knitting, spinning, weaving. What are you working on sweet friends?
Stay warm:)

Monday, January 28, 2013

The Scarf that Almost Wasn't

All my friends know by now, that I have a wee little loom. A Schacht Cricket 15 in. rigid heddle table loom. (Thought I'd start off small.) I have made a few cute scarfs by now, but just simple, plain scarfs. I happen to know an awesome 5th generation weaver that turns out some of the most beautiful woven projects you've ever all shapes and sizes. And although she can weave anything imaginable, I became a little obsessed by her gorgeous woven scarfs. She has many looms...also of all shapes and sizes, that helps to enable her to weave anything she desires, however, lately, she has had on one of her smaller looms (42 in. floor loom), incredibly beautiful scarfs. After examining them closely, I thought, I should be able to weave a scarf that pretty on my tiny little loom. Simple, but beautiful. So...I set out to see how bold I could get with choosing colors. In my homespun basket, I have lots of beautiful hand spun yarn. Gorgeous I tell you. I pulled some bright colors and just like that, my wee little loom was warped and ready to go. But wait! It didn't look right at all!! Too funky! The colors all screamed at me that they didn't match, and there was no way on earth I could make this choice of colors look fabulous in a scarf. Enter my genius weaving friend. "It's wonderful!!!!!" she said. "Just put on a black weft....soft and will be perfect!" Oh my...I was scared, but I listened, and voila! What a lovely scarf appeared!!

Yes...and there she is all pretty and sassy:) Isn't it funny how our walks on this earth can teach us lessons.....even spiritual ones? Sometimes I feel so insecure in my decision making, then God will send assurance to me and all will be well.....just like that:)
Have a most blessed day girls!!!
Love, Shine