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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Don't You Just Love 'Em?

Nandina Bushes That Is.

I never really paid attention to these bushes before we moved to our current home, but now, they have become some of my very favorites.

 I LOVE how their berries are white in the summer, orange in the fall and brillant red at Christmas. Not to mention the fact that the berries are PROLIFIC!
 I use them to decorate with all year. Their green and red leaves are great for fillers too.
Think I'll keep several of these in my yard from no matter where we go.
Have a lovely evening friends! Many blessings~~~~Shine~~~~

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


This year I've done something a little different. For years our family really hasn't celebrated Halloween.I just kinda felt it was a little weird celebrating ghools and goblins. Instead choosing to celebrate the goodness and beauty that God created. We have always done lots in the way of "fall festivals"......going over and beyond with decorating and celebrating everything autumn. I didn't think bad of people celebrating Halloween...just thought we were different, and that's OK. This year Anna wanted to craft some Halloween something or another. So.....In the October issue of Country Living they had these super cute ghosts. 

  There are really good instructions and we had alot of fun spending the afternoon together. We hung them in our dining room on the chandelier and we call them Anna's friendly ghosts. I would truly still rather just celebrate fall and harvest, but I also know that Anna will only be a child a short while. So for now....these little fellows join us at meal time, and school time. Then, before you know it, Halloween will be gone and a little girl will be a little older.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


 I am SO loving this weather. Life is always busy...doesn't seem to slow down for anything, BUT! at least in the midst of the busyness, we have all this BEAUTIFUL weather!!!!! And the smells, just everywhere you go are delightful. Thought I show a few of my favorite things here at home
 Here in Tn, the temperature is just now getting cool enough for a cozy these lights will be replaced with a real flame, but for summer and early fall...they are so cute and can really "homey" up a cold fire box.
 Anna and I made these cute pumpkins last Sat. afternoon....quick and easy. Think we'll make lots more....all different shapes and sizes.
 Last year a sweet friend gave me these gorgeous flowers. Just dug them out and plopped them in my little pewter pitcher.....CUTE!!!
 Sophie likes this snuggie place...also just happens to be one of my favorites too:)
Aren't these warm colors lovely?
Have a beautiful evening sweet friends.