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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Some Think Us Strange

Well, I must admit...we are a little different. By some standards...extremely different. We just never did feel inclined to follow the status quo, therefore, standing out as a bit odd. Oh well.....I like the thought..."whatever floats your boat" :) Sometimes, I feel like the world looks at us almost as a spectacle. Some people are curious, interested, but never of the mind that we are normal. I must disagree!!! I think us very normal indeed. Normal is different for everyone, and the way we live is absolutely normal for us. If something interests us, we delve right into it~~~learning and experiencing all we can.
For a long time, we have loved English tales. Novels, movies, poems, etc. We read and study, but guess what? Through another decidedly "strange" group of people, we got wind of an English country dance....right in our neck of the woods!!!! So, what did we do??? Well...we went straight away and ordered an eighteenth century gown.....broke out the long evening gloves, came up with the loveliest up-do we could think of, and off we went!
Now, I don't know about you, but I think a contra dance on a Fri. night is about as "normal" as it gets!!
I was so delighted that Anna loved it as much as I did....she thought it perfectly fine that her first dance as a teen-ager was of the "English" sort:)
Funny thing.....about 200 other people thought it was "normal" as well!

So happy we have like-minded friends:)
Great experience for mother and daughter.
Wondering what may be coming up next week-end?
My sources tell me a formal Christmas Ball is in the making:)
Have a lovely evening sweet sisters.