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Friday, March 27, 2009

Another tea party

This time with grown ups!! The girls from the Cherry Pit came, had tea and goodies...what a treat! I adore the tradition of afternoon tea, and when I get to share it with others...oh my goodness, I have too much fun. The afternoon meal consisted of scones, banana bread, poppyseed bread, oysters patties, quiche, shrimp molds, chicken salad, fruit and veggie tray....strayberry cream puffs, cookies, and chocolate ganache. How delightful! We had black tea, cranberry orange tea and chocolate mint tea for dessert. Yummy! Makes me want more! I could not have pulled this one off without help....Thanks to Rita for all the yumminess she contributed!!!


Letitia said...

I know you had fun! I just posted pictures of Briana's musical on my blog. There are also more without the commentary : ) on my FB.
Hope you're having a great spring so far.

MaryCatherine said...

Ooh yummy! Everything looks so beautiful and delicious! I love me some tea party food :)

Geanine said...

Hey Tamie,
The pictures of the tea party were beautiful. Something about china on a pretty tablecloth is so exciting. I am still waiting on our spot of tea. I have been really busy this last week. We cleaned 4 cabins yesterday and then I catered a dinner party for 12. I was so thankful and blessed at the same time, not to mention really tired. I think I was running on adrenaline. Miss you.