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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mountain memories

Last week-end we stayed in Gatlinburg (our home for 14 years). We went and walked the Gatlinburg Trail that we used to walk every day and oh my...the memories were sweet. Along the way we made even more memories for future smiles. Ben and Anna used to love to play on this diansaur tree. It is amazing how it resembles a dinasaur. You can even see the "tail"! When we lived in Gatlinburg, the children were younger and we would have to hoist them up on the dinasaur and then sit and hold their hands for fear they might fall. Now, almost four years later, no hand holding needed. They climbed up quicker than I could get off the trail! It was a lovely day. All the wildflowers are blooming, the sun was shining and the mountain air was as sweet as could be. Ummmm.....makes me want to put all my work aside and head back to the hills!

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Letitia said...

We haven't been over there in way too long. I'm hoping to work in a hike soon. Too busy.