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Friday, April 9, 2010


                     Nothing more fun in the whole world than seeing the happy faces of children.
              With spring comes laughter and swinging, chasing butterflies and eating supper outside.
                                         Oh to be a child swing with true happiness.
                                      To laugh with the all your heart just because you're having fun.
                         I'm so happy spring is here to make little faces fill with inexpressible joy.
My son's girlfriend is from Columbia South America. She is very sweet. Her English is very good, but she has a few "unusual" terms. I think they are endearing. One thing she does is, when she wants to express a very strong feeling, she adds "-full" to the end of a word......any word. Like....if a dish had a very berry taste, she might say it was very berryfull, or......someone made a comment that my son treated her like Edward from Twilight..(never seen this before so I have no idea if that comment is true), but she says, no...he's much better than Edward, but he does Edwardfull things. Today I felt very happyfull, and I think I understand that to it's fullest.

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