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Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Life Back

This has been an unusually busy season for me. I'm ALWAYS busy.....always crazy....but this spring has been even more different and more busy than ever. I think perhaps I'm just getting old. Things are making me more tired than ever and I'm just flat out not enjoying it. I'm looking for ways to try and enjoy more of every day. Every day is a blessing and I want to accept each and every day as exactly that. I'm praying for peace this up coming season. A little serenity. A little time to breathe and hug my children.
May God bless you richly today and may His peace.......the only peace that surpasses all understanding.....find you and embrace you<3


Debbie said...

You flowers look beautiful, and I too hope you find the peace you are so needing....we all need peace and tranquility and to stop the hustle and bustle that life sometimes brings us.....

Amanda Nicole said...

I could never live the busy, hectic life you do. I'm 21 years old and I'm exhausted just thinking about all your trips to Knoxville. lol. I don't know how you do it lady.

Deborah said...

Im so glad you stopped by to visit Shine!!
Your blog is very friendly and sweet...Im following you:) (Im Deborah from With all my heart...
but under my photos it says purehunnybee,
Anyway I know how you feel ..I try to find ways too to just enjoy each goes by too quickly..and we all just need that time to just "be still"
So happy that we connected and looking forward to chating and getting to know you better:)
Hope you are enjoying the long weekend (or at least its along weekend here in Canada) although I worked for the last 3 days and am now about to relax somewhat for the next two days.
Your little dog is so sweet!
Is bischon frise part poodle..kind of similar arent they?

In friendship,
Deborah xo

It's Just Dottie said...

I have so enjoyed my visit to your blog.I have slowed down in the last year and I learned to enjoy the simple.I have found peace (almost).
I also love lavender. The smell, the lovely color and how easy it is to dry. I live in Texas very close to the coast and it is to hot to grow in my gardens.I buy it fresh in the farmers market.