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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Don't You Just Love 'Em?

Nandina Bushes That Is.

I never really paid attention to these bushes before we moved to our current home, but now, they have become some of my very favorites.

 I LOVE how their berries are white in the summer, orange in the fall and brillant red at Christmas. Not to mention the fact that the berries are PROLIFIC!
 I use them to decorate with all year. Their green and red leaves are great for fillers too.
Think I'll keep several of these in my yard from no matter where we go.
Have a lovely evening friends! Many blessings~~~~Shine~~~~


Deborah said...

So beautiful Shine!
So lovely to decorate with!!


Deborah xoxox

A Brit in Tennessee said...

One of my favorite plants also, they are so hardy, and will grow most anywhere.
Those red berries make the most colorful arrangements, they look pefectly splendid in you clear glass jar.
Lovely !

It's Just Dottie said...

Oh very lovely! I color the color. I can see why you never want to be with out them growing in your yard.
Sweet Dreams,

Anita said...

Oh I love these! My mom bought two small ones last year, but they don't have any berries this year. I have a piano student whose mom has one, and I always think about asking to "borrow" some, but never do. Beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

OOh I want some Nandina bushes too! If you see a "certain" friend lurking about your yard, please just look the other way as she gathers a little of that scarlet beauty for herself.