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Friday, April 20, 2012

What's Your Pleasure?

I have been a bit obsessed lately. I have been spinning every moment that isn't taken, and when I'm not spinning....I'm thinking about spinning...what I'm gonna spin next....what I'm going to make when I get this spun or that spun. How I can possibly spin any finer....faster? I'm really working on trying to spin FINER. Here's my latest treasure from my stash. I wanted to see how tight my twist was...I'm always thinking that I have way too much twist or not near enough twist.....sooooooo.....I spun up some pink singles and then some ecru...then spun them together.

I LOVE it! This yarn actually made me feel like I have hope...I actually might be able to produce some great yarn. I'm already planning for this cute yarn to transform itself into a cute little beret for Anna with a sweet little flower on the side:) YAY!!! Feeling REALLY good girls:) And.....while I'm tootin' my own horn here, I might as well show you what else has been on the wheel as of late.
 Here's just a big pile of my first yarns. That cute pink went to a dear friend for her birthday and is now a short little cowl scarf that will be worn with a pin.
 Lovelies all lined up:)
 Learning how to spin things other than "art yarn":)
 Beautiful red singles turn into beautiful two-ply.

 A not so great shot of the red and candy-stripe in the drying process.
Lastly, a picture of a beautiful walking wheel I found and could not pass by. Thinking I will probably let this wheel go on to someone else, but she is a beauty and I am very much enjoying her gracing my view:)
Hope I didn't keep you too long ladies......
Wishing you all a most lovely evening.....
With much love and affection~~

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Cindy said...

ILOVE my little pink cowl! Can't wait to wear it this coming winter.