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Saturday, February 23, 2013

One Day

One day I WILL have sheep. I have been all over blogland, finding the most wonderful blogs with darling sheep. Now I know raising sheep would not be all glitz and glamour, and can even be quite scary. A dear friend told me (as she use to raise sheep) that they are some of the only animals just waiting to die. I suppose she was referring to how defenseless they are. That does not deter me though. I WILL have sheep!!!! I am an avid spinner, weaver, knitter and I can't quit thinking about a post I read on on sheep to shawl and how that truly has been my vision for so long.
Alas....right now, I do not have sheep, but I can choose to make the best of what I have....SO.....the next best thing for me now acquire fleece, which I have....skirt it, wash it, comb it, spin it, maybe dye it, and finally, knit or weave it. THAT, I can do right now, and that's what I plan.
Right now, I have been working on weaving a scarf from some beautiful yarn I spun a couple of months ago. I thought it might be fun to see some of the steps that it took to do that. First I bought beautiful wool roving. 100% Merino wool that was hand dyed by Ms. Babs, then I spun it into this beautiful yarn.

I get it ready.
Wind it up.
And break out the loom.
Warp the loom and start weaving.

This promises to be a most beautiful scarf.
But ONE DAY......I WILL have sheep:)


Sandra said...

I heard the same thing about sheep...but thankfully that has not been my experience with sheep. We have raised them for 15 years and have had mostly good experiences. As you said it is not all glitz and glamour but it is rewarding and it has the same ups and downs that raising any livestock has.
I started out raising sheep and then became (is becoming) a Spinner and Knitter :)
I look forward to following your blog and seeing all of your spinning and knitting projects.

Cindy said...

Love your wooden swift and yarn winder. Mine are plastic-wood is so much nicer. And having seen the scarf in person, I can attest to its beauty.

Kris said...

I LOVE my sheep. I have goats too. Such a big difference. I get all chaotic and anxious when I am with the goats too long. But when I'm with my sheep, it's like a breathe of fresh air and peace. My first lamb was born today! A ewe lamb. 7 more to go.

If you keep thinking like you are, one day you WILL have your own sheep. We'll be shearing here again soon and I want to learn all that goes between the shearing to the wearing. Good luck!!

Deborah said...

So beautiful and you are so inspiring!
I see that wooden thing in my knitting class all the My teacher uses it to make my yarn into balls....its so neat.
I hope your dreams all come true are amazing!

All my heart,
Deborah xoxoox

thecrazysheeplady said...

Sheep are stoic. They have to be in their predator/prey lives. You sure don't want to let a predator know you are sick. However, an attentive shepherd usually knows something's wrong well before the end...even though we may not be able to fix it.

Lovely blog. Very attentive to life's details. You'll make a fine shepherd!