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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Midsummer's Eve

This was the night Anna and I had been waiting for, for months! All day we flitted about reading fairy books and looking for "fairy things". After all, this was THE night, the night you were more likely to see a fairy than any other night of the year. We rounded up all our wind chimes and hung them up close by. We set out lots and lots of candles and strung other lights about just so the fairies would know we were waiting for them! We set out yummy treats, ate our dinner and waited. We said our prayers and hoped that surely, the fairies might come see us. All through the night we listened closely and thought several times we heard suspicious noises. We never actually saw a fairy face to face that night, but we saw small sparkling streaks that could very well have been a fairy buzzing by at record speed. We saw where they nibbled on their treats we left for them, and we even believe that we found what may be a fairy wing. (poor little thing!) But the reason we know they were there really was because they brought Anna a sweet book. They knew she believed in fairies! If you've never celebrated Midsummer's Eve with your daughter, you shoud do some reading and give it a try. One day, a year or so ago, I told Anna, "Now Anna dear, you know there is really no giant bunny that goes around at Easter". She held a brave face and said "Yes mommy, I know." Later, I said "Anna, we need to talk about Santa...and fairies." She said to me, "Mommy, I am not a silly girl, but really, please, let me be a child!" Since that day, we always get ready for Santa...and the Easter Bunny....and Fairies too! Midsummer's Eve is a lovely occasion to celebrate with a child. Give it a try...the fairies just might come see you too!!

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