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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Corn Hole

There really is an art to this game. It's similar to horse shoes, but different. Of course, the "corn bags" are lighter than the horse shoes, which is nice. But that is just the beginning. The whole scoring thing is different too.
My mother and my sisters are pretty good at this game, but it's my baby brother and his wife who are the pros. They go to actual "corn hole tournaments!" Imagine that! They even have special corn hole boards, bags...even t-shirts! No wonder they're good. They also have something else that's pretty special....
I thoroughly enjoy having this little guy around.
Nothing like a new of God's "most
special" blessings. Even though I may not be any
good at corn hole...I am very good at smootchin
on sweet smelling babies. Corn hole is also good
for family gatherings....just because...I LOVE
family gatherings. So.....bring on the corn hole
competition! I'm up for the playin!!

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