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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sweet Sisters

Ahhhh... I do have the sweetest sisters you know.
Every year we do a "sister night". Well we should really say sister week now. It actually did start out just one night, but now we're up to about a week together. As we get older, we treasure these getaways more and more. We all look so forward to this time. A time to let our hair down and be ourselves like we can around no-one else. We always act just a little crazy. That's OK though cause it's just us and we all understand. It's helpful too that our mother always comes with us. Our first retreat, we climbed Mt. LeConte! Mom was 68 at the time and she did GREAT! Now, she's 74, and although she doesn't want to climb any mountains, she still hangs pretty well with us girls! We've been to the the beach. On a cruise...and one year back to the place we were all born. Where all our relatives still live. Special and sweet. We may live far apart, but our hearts have never been closer.

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Just call me Peach ;-) said...

Sisters are the greatest ever! I can't wait to spend some time with mine soon...even though we're all ornery :)