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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Out with the with the new

Over four years ago we bought this mega house. It's really large...6800+ sq.ft.
We live in this home and also have our business~Artworks & Gift Gallery~ here.
For the entire time we've been here, we've been REALLY busy. Setting up the
business, trying to make the house our home and...oh yeah...homeschooling two
of our four children. We have painted, knocked down walls, re-routed gas lines,
just to name a few of the tasks that HAD to be done. I forgot to mention that every room
in this glorious house was adorned with the latest and most fashionable wall
paper. Now however....the wall paper has got to go. We've done a huge dining
room, a huge, 4 bathrooms and the library. Now for the next
two months, we will be working on another large bedroom, the music room
and our wonderful living room. Here are a few pictures of the bedroom we're
starting on. Stay tuned for more pictures and progress!

These are the colors I'm bringing in....with the blue for the walls............
Maybe one of these blues..........................................
I think maybe this one....We're getting close!!! All the paper and backing
are down. Now for washing walls, sanding, filling holes with sheet rock
mud and sanding again. Priming and painting. Whew.....better go take a nap
first! Be back soon:)


Amanda Nicole said...

bleh, I cringe at the thought of taking down wall paper. mix vinegar with your hot water when you start... it eats the glue. good luck, lol. you'll need it.

Shine said...

I literally despise the "work" that goes into all of this...but I LOVE the results!!! Now we are dealing with the left over glue...yuck!!!