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Friday, March 19, 2010

My Baby's Not a Baby Anymore

Our oldest son turned twenty-five last week. How did that happen? I was twenty-five when he was born and it seems like yesterday. I can still see so plainly those newborn eyes looking up at me in the hospital. There is just no other feeling like that in the world.  I love that boy so much sometimes it hurts. I wish I had early pictures to post so you could see how cute he was when he was little...but at least you can see how handsome of a man he has become.
He also has a beautiful girlfriend of 3 years now that is getting ready to turn twenty-one. A beautiful girl inside and out. I love that girl dearly and will be very proud to call her my first daughter-in-love.

                                                              Zeb and his two best girls.

                               Now with his grandfather, my dad, Albert W. Davison
Zeb has grown into such an awesome young man. He has always been very independent that one. He has made us very proud. He bought his first house last summer, totally on his own, with no help at all from us. He has always paid his own way and taken great pride in his work and his conduct. It's funny how I still call him my baby, I'll just always think of him as "my boy". Have you ever read the book "I'll Love You for Always"? That's how my heart feels for my children. I'll love them for always, I'll like them forever...for now and forever my babies they'll be.


Amanda Nicole said...

I loved this so much, it brought tears to my eyes. You're such a wonderful person & I'm so lucky to be able to call you momma parton.

Debbie said...

Awww.....he is such a handsome young man! And a big Happy Birthday to him...looks like little sis adores him....Have a great weekend.

Duchess of Tea said...

Happy Birthday to your handsome son, may all his dreams come true. Wishing him a life full of health, happiness and wealth.

My son just turned 22 on 2nd of March so I know the proud feeling you are experiencing right now, congratulations my friend.

Love & Hugs