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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Little Goofy we're acting a little silly with our new Sophie girl. We've never had an indoor dog and we're just beside ourselves with how much fun this little sweetie has brought to our home. Anna is all smiles......always playing "something" with her...trying to dress her up or teach her a new trick. She captured her in these photos during one of their playtimes. She is such a dream pet. Already perfectly trained and so well behaved. We waited a long time for Sophie, but I think we've truly found the perfect pet for us. Hubby said "Well I guess you think I'm weak now that I've given in to a puppy", but Anna quickly came back with "It took six years to talk you into it, so I wouldn't call that weak". The girl speaks truth :-).
Up until we brought Sophie home, I hadn't been doing much blogging. The death of a close friend made me feel like pulling away and just withdrawing. I think now though, I'm feeling sparks of excitement about blogging again. I have done lots of stuff to blog about, so I think I'll get some of them ready for posting. Hope you're all having the MOST wonderful evening.....Leaving you with a loving thought....Shine

                                                                   Heart of Home

                                               Lord, let our house be something more
                                              Than just a shelter with a door:
                                              May it's windows glow with light,
                                             Shedding radiance through the night.
                                            Not just a glitter of glass and chrome,
                                           But give it the "feel" of a happy home.

                                        Let it have flowers and a well-loved book,
                                        Soft cushions in a quiet nook,
                                           May it be more than a downy bed,
                                          Or snowy cloth with silver spread:
                                       Lend it some smiles, warm sympathy,
                                      With kindly thought, true charity---
                                         That all may recall, though they roam,
                                        That God was there---in the heart of the home.

                                                   Christine White


Sherry said...

Lovely poem! Your pooch looks like ET did in Drew Barrymore's closet. SO cute!

Amanda Nicole said...

Aw, I sure do miss that little peanut.