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Wednesday, July 6, 2011


 A couple of years ago, I picked up a plant at a Farmers Market that I'd never seen, called a double echinacea . I really couldn't believe my eyes, and thought surely this was some freak of nature that would bloom as every other normal echinacea plant once I put it in the ground and gave it a very normal little life. Well....I was wrong.
Isn't that cool? As soon as the bloom begins to fade, another grows on top of it!
I love it! Absolutely amazing:)
Alongside my "different" echinacea is my very normal stand of buckeyes.
I love these ordinary flowers. I have alot of them just now starting to bloom and they will soon fill the inside of my house too!
Another shot of my front yard....not much blooming there, but lush and green......lovely.
And lastly, look who's back on my front porch......look closely at the top left hand corner of the following picture.
Lovie Dovie is back! This is only her second visit this year, so I was beginning to worry a bit.
No worries! What's blooming in your yard sweet friends?
Have a lovely evening.....Shine


podso said...

Your yard, flowers, garden are lovely, I just read your painted lady post, so hard to believe you did not get your dream, but as you say, God's ways are best, and there might be something even better around the corner. Meanwhile sometimes these changes in MY dreams and plans make me refocus, renew, recommit to what I have and go forward.

I'm not sure I knew you homeschooled --as did I--for many years. One of the best things (and most challenging) I've ever done!

Red Rose Alley said...

Those are unique looking flowers, and the greenery in your front yard is lovely. Don't ya just love bird nests? Great photos!
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley