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Sunday, July 3, 2011


Well girls.....that's what I've been doing alot of. Sitting, waiting, dreaming. I dreamed of this house so often...I just knew it was for me. Have you ever had just an uncanny feeling about something? Just had a feeling that this "something" was REALLY going to happen...just for you? That's how I felt about my Painted Lady.
Just knew she was "MINE". Just knew that all the circumstances that surrounded this dream, could only have happened through heavenly intervention...and it was all for ME!! Funny how we can do these things to ourselves isn't it?

I wanted so badly for it to happen, I thought I could open that door myself.....
My lofty thoughts didn't get me very far though girls. Initially I prayed that if this wasn't something God wanted for me, that He would close that door, quickly.......and He did.
Then when He did just what I ask Him to, I pouted and cried like a little baby. My flesh is SOOO selfish.
God did not want me here, in this place I thought was perfect. He wants me somewhere else. I'm still trying to
accept His perfect will......I am just a very fallen human that struggles with things of the flesh. 
I can't see things the way I wish I could, through Heavenly eyes that could see though all the layers of life and all the distractions on this earth. God has a plan for me sisters...I know He does, and I will carry on in spite of myself and continue every day just to ask Him to please go with me where ever I go. To please have mercy on me and never leave my side and to please give me the wisdom I need to get through this earthy life without hurting others or myself along the way. 

So while this Painted lady may never be my home, I know that God has something just as grand waiting for me somewhere and that my TRUE ultimate home awaits me in His kingdom.
                                  I pray this is a blessed and peaceful day for you all sweet friends.
                                                With much love and affection~~Shine


Deborah said...

Oh Im so sorry Shine...Im sending you the biggest and warmest of hugsxo
He has something else planned for you, something better, even though it is so heartbreaking right now.
I understand...Ive been there myself a time or two...but Ill tell've asked of Him for His perfect will...and thats what He'll do...and it pleases His heart that you willing to wait for His best :)
Love to you my sweet friend, and an arm wrapped around you in the warmth of friendship xoxoxo

Much love,
Deborah xoxoxo

Letitia said...

I'm sorry, sweet friend. I know how much you long for a different place. I hope he gives that to you one day soon. I know that disappointment. And, I think of my Ashley at this point in her life... her longing and the struggle she has to continually put aside her desires as she waits on God. It may be our flesh, but, He knows us, and knows our hearts and longings..and our hurts...and they are important to Him. He also has deep spiritual growth for us as we have to keep hanging on to Him, knowing His way is perfect. Praying God comforts your heart with His truths.

Even though the group can't get together this month, let's see if we can plan something if you all are available the 3rd week.

Much love!

It's Just Dottie said...

I am so sorry. In my life God has always know what is good for me even when I could not understand. His ways are higher than ours and He loves us so.
I know it hurts . I am in that place right now.

Love,my friend, Dottie

Miss Gracie's House said...

Disappointment is hard, I know...but keep trusting in HIS goodness!