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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Early Giving

A while back, a sweet friend of mine asked if I would like to have some of her "mismatched China". Well...I could never say no to China, of any sort. I LOVE all China. In actuality, I truly thought she was talking about "just a few" pieces. She had told me that she had sold a lot of things, but had held on to these as they were some of her favorites. When she brought them to me, I felt like the box was really big for just a few pieces. When I opened it up, I was in for a fabulous surprise:)
I still can't believe it. Six different complete place settings.

Plus a few added treasures:) LOVE these  beautiful plates.

Each setting is unique and gorgeous. No wonder they were her favorites.

I bet you're saying "That's Amazing!"........ I still am!

Every day, I choose a different "favorite".

And every day I have tea on a different set:)

Rita is one of those rare people that has a gift of giving. Very rare in this day and time indeed.

Every time I see Rita she is making something for someone else. 

She has always put other people before herself.

I never have felt like I can say "Thank you" properly.

I mean, really...this is such a blessing.

If you're able to read this Rita, I am SO thankful for your gifts....AND for your friendship. YOU are such a blessing in my life.

Look at this sweet heart cup and saucer.

I must confess...I have to share this with Anna....she loves it so:)

 I'm not the only one blessed by Rita's generosity....she donates to many good causes every year and like I said before..she's always busy making something for someone else. Do you have angels in your midst? I believe I truly do.
Have a blessed evening sisters~~~Much love to you all~~Shine

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Cheryl said...

Wow! She could have gift wrapped that up, stuck a bow on it and given it to you for Christmas! What an amazing friend you have :-)