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Monday, March 19, 2012

Bad blogger

Hi girls! Thought I'd better just make a short post about what's going on with Anna's wallpaper. I've started a dozen, but the long and short of it is....the wall paper in NOT coming down. Hubby is NOT doing bead board, and we are NOT painting over it (my husband's words:) So....we did our best to decorate around it. I'm vacating right now, but here's a quick peek at the beginnings:)

I suppose you've guessed by now, she LOVES music:) 
Have a BLESSED day!!! Much love....Shine 


Deborah said...

Gorgeous Shine!!!
Love that framed piece on her wall!
And thats great that she loves too!!!
Hope your week is wonderful sweet friend!

Deborah xoxooxox

Anonymous said...

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