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Friday, March 1, 2013

What's Spinning's what's on Elizabeth these days.
It's a  beautiful 100% wool top in Violets colorway.
                                                            Love those colors<3 p="">
                           Next up is Joy and she is 2 plying a gorgeous Silk/Merino blend.

                      I think I may be a little obsessed, because I tell ya girls....I LOVE to spin.

Isn't that sheen just awesome?

And last, but not least, Ludie Mae.

Ludie Mae is fairly new and is just being played with right now. She and I have high aspirations of making some lovely art yarn:)
Soon and very soon ladies, I do plan on having a give away. I have been inspired by so many of my friends. I will give away some beautiful handspun yarn.
For now, hop over to Cindy's blog and put your name in for her beautiful hand knitted dishcloths and towels, oh and homemade hand cream!!!
I knew she would have something special:)
Blessings dear friends


Cindy said...

I name my chickens, you name your spinning wheels. Makes sense to me. LOL You are spinning some pretty stuff. Are you going to the sit and knit Tuesday night?

Sandra said...

I have yarn envy!

Cindy said...

Thanks for the heads up on the give away! I would love any yarn you spin. They are all lovely.

Sherri B. said...

Even though I know nothing about spinning I find it all so very pretty...making me wish I too had a wheel to name. xo