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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Out of my comfort zone

Since Monday of this week, I have been stretching and growing myself...I suppose. I am a home girl. I like sameness, and quietness. We live in a small town by most standards, (pop. about 15,000 ). But just being in the city limits is too much for me. I live on a quiet cul-de-sac, but I hear the city noises, and the main drag is only a few blocks away, making it just...noisy. I long for country pleasures...mainly sheep :). and chickens , lots of elbow room and blessed quietness. I never realized how important that was to me until we moved to the city. Any way....if you've seen my blog, you'll remember I did a "brag post" about our 3rd son  here . As I type this post, I am sitting in a hotel in New York, waiting to go see my son in the first concert presented by the National Youth Orchestra of the USA. You can read about the concert and the orchestra here. So, all of that to say....we have been in New York for three days! Woweeee, talk about an eye opener! It has been a great experience, but let me tell ya, I DO look forward to being home my small little town...where I know so many and feel so very comfortable. Yesterday, we rode the metro into the city and OMGoodness!
To say we were overwhelmed is a huge understatement!
One thing I have been really surprised about however, are the people! Most all of them have been super nice! We were expecting rude, obnoxious people...but truly have not experienced much of that at all! If anything, the ones that aren't super nice are just indifferent. They don't look at you or say anything at all, which is fine! I don't mind giving people their space at all! Our chief concierge here at our hotel has been soooo sweet! She truly saved us as we were about to embark on the metro. She talked us through the whole ordeal and even gave a big hug as she waved good-bye to us! Emily...we owe you...BIG!!!!!
We are trying to experience as much as we can while we're here, but I won't cry when we leave :)
Tomorrow, we leave for D.C. for a concert at The Kennedy Center on Sat. after that, the orchestra embarks on a journey to St. Petersburg, Moscow, then London! We can't do the International thing, this has been a huge stretch for us country bumkins, so we'll say our good byes after the concert and let our son spread his wings. I am so very proud of him.
Tonight we'll take pictures....maybe even get a shot of Joshua Bell!!!
Right now, Anna is keeping us time for home-sickness....just plowing ahead....trying to get my game face on for a little more shopping:)
Have a great evening friends


Deborah said...

How wonderful!!!!
I am thrilled for you..what an adventure you all are on.
New York?! Wow!
Your son must be so happy!
I understand though, that you also long for home...for the quiet life.
Bless you dear friend!

All my heart,
Deborah xoxoxox

Sherry Thecharmofhome said...

Have a great time!

Delisa said...

Hi Shine! It sounds like you are having a wonderful trip, I am so excited for you and your family. What a delightful opportunity for your son. I have been to New York twice and it was overwhelming for me too. But it also has a really unique energy and though I wouldn't want to live there I am so happy that I got to experience it! Have a fun time and a safe trip. With Love, Delisa ;)

Anonymous said...

Proud of my fellow country bumpkin friend for stretching her wings!

White Sheep Farm said...

Hi Shine,
I am right there with you on being a home body.
I can't even remember that last BIG city I was in! Boston I think ... I just can't take the noise, cars, pollution, and crowds.
Good think I am just a little old farm girl!
Do hope you enjoyed your time with your son. So now that you have had a taste of city life when will you be moving??? LOL