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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A different season

It was a cold but sunny day, so we thought we'd go somewhere we hadn't been in a while. The U.T. Gardens. We went last summer when it was sweltering hot, let the kids chase butterflies and climb through giant twig huts. They searched for cystes and drank tons of juice boxes.
This day was quite different from that hot summer day. The plants and trees were mostly still sleeping, with just a few showing the beginning signs of life. We were very suprised to see a Cherry Blossom with a few droopy blooms.

But even on this cold winter day, we found lots to do. The kids still ran and played. The twig huts were gone, along with all the cystes, but we still saw wonderful stone structures. Lots of sweet birdies, and it was fun to see all the bones and lines of the gardens.

All in all it was a lovely day...but boy, are we ever looking forward to the long days of summer!
(I say that now, but the truth is I am a cold climate girl at heart)

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