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Monday, February 2, 2009

Mission Accomplished!

Yeah!!! I did it! Several years ago, I got the "spinning" bug. The art of spinning yarn just grabbed hold of me and that's all I could think about. I studied and studied and finally, hubby bought me a nice spinning wheel for Christmas. I learned what I could, but there just aren't many spinners out there to lend a helping hand when you need it. I've managed to spin some decent yarn, but I'm still a "reluctant spinner". Mainly because I am just not real confident about what I'm doing. After getting my wheel and spinning some yarn, I started thinking, "what am I going to do with all the yarn I spin?". I didn't knit or crochet, so....I started on another quest, to learn to knit. I got lots of books from the library and just kinda jumped right in there. I've dabbled with this for a couple of years now, knitting one scarf after another..a tobaggan here and there, but once again, not confident enough in my skills to tackle anything much. I have a friend that knits alot and has some gorgeous things she's made and I became increasingly envious. Sooooooooo, I decided "OK. I'm just gonna go for it". I found a pattern on for "Toasties". They are long gloves with no fingers, just thumbs. I'd never knittled thumbs! I've only knitted and purled. I've done a little increasing and decreasing, but not much. This pattern called for dropping stitches onto waste yarn and casting on with a backward loop. Other skills were called for that I had not yet acquired, but I didn't care! I liked the Toasties and I wanted some! I went to the yarn shop, bought my yarn, some new needles and set out to make my cuties. I was so confident I could do this, I even bought some yarn to make Anna a pair. I knew I was in trouble whe I couldn't even get started without calling my friend for help. She did help me though and I was on my way. On through the project, I had to make several more calls for help, but! ALAS! They're done! Here's a picture that really doesn't do them justice, they are simple superb! I found out that the only way to really learn something it just dive in and do it! Don't be afraid! I'm going to knit a sweater next! How's that for a novice?!?! And my spinning skills? All I can say is watch out sheep!

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Lovie said...

Gorgeous! I'm proud of you!