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Thursday, February 12, 2009

We LUV cupcakes

Today was all about the kids. Our support group was having a Valentines skating party and we were suppose to bring treats. My Anna was determined to take homemade cupcakes, even though she really isn't suppose to have them. "No store bought ones!" she said. " We have to make them!"
So...we baked cupcakes...and she took great pains in making them especially beautiful. I 'm afraid she's a bit of a perfectionist. She took a VERY long long she didn't have time for all her school work! (imagine that!) They were delicious however and she was delighted with them.

The skating party was a blast and even big brother had to admit that his sister brought the very best cupcakes there. And.....yes Anna was able to have one too<3

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MaryCatherine said...

Oh man, those cupcakes look delicious! She is such a cutie! :)