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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Yippee for me!!

We have been in our city home for almost 5 full years now. Doesn't really seem possible,  but it is definitely so. And since we first moved into this home, I have wanted one thing without change.
 I have a huge double window in my dining room and it was just BEGGING for this item. A church pew.
With a church pew, I could do so many things. Decorate it...for sure and make it look super cute, but also, it would be such a functional piece. When we have a large dinner here, and I do that quite often, I could use it for extra seating. The kids love to sit and eat somewhere besides the table.

So I never gave up on this church pew desire I had. Seems I could never find just the right one, or if I did, I couldn't afford it.

Then one day, I just happened to be talking to my son and my future daughter in law....mentioning my long, long dream of the perfect bench...when....low and behold, my sweet daughter in law said "My pawpaw has some church pews...he'll probably give you one". Well, initally, I thought she was joking...then I started getting excited!  Really????? Could it be true????

Well......turns out it was true!! I still can't believe there are such nice people in the world. In a time when the world is rampant with mean and ugly characters around every corner, there truly are good and decent people still out there. I didn't even know what the bench was going to look like, but, it was better than I expected.
Turns out this bench just needed a little tlc. It's not a fancy one from a big fancy church, but rather a very simple one from an old country church. I absolutely love it. I even love the red works perfectly with my stuff. I still can't believe how blessed I am. Just when I figured I may never get this bench, here is the perfect one, given to me freely and with love. Thanks so much Amanda. You are such a so many ways.


Amanda Nicole said...

Aw, you made me blush! :-P How sweet! It looks AWESOME! It's right at home under that window. Perfect spot!

My Grama's Soul said...

I love it that you have a country church pew in you home...that is the best!!



Sherry said...

We have a church pew too. My Mom refinished it. It has a great color it is popular. It came somewhere from KY. They are a great aren't they?

Anita said...

Wow, how cool is that! And I agree that is the perfect pot for it! Thanks for stopping by!!

Debbie said...

LOVE that piece....we always admire them too. Just no place to put it. Looks great in your home...cherish it.