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Friday, August 5, 2011


Sometimes, I want to be a child again. To be able to take time to dream and play fantasy~~sigh. I'm lucky because while I may not be a child myself, I do have a young daughter and together, we do get to play just a little:)
 We found the SWEETEST of herb farms recently and came away stock full of ideas and inspiration.
 All of these pictures were taken at Erin's Meadow Herb Farm . What a treat!
 First, I had to go with two of my oldest and dearest friends. We had to "test" the grounds:) Got to pick up a couple of herbs and gather some nifty ideas.
 We also got to go to the nearby sleepy little city of Clinton, TN. Here we were able to stroll through lots of antique and gift shops, and have lunch at an awesome little cafe on the main drag.
 At the herb farm , they have lots of fairy items available for purchase to start your own "Fairy Garden".
 The idea of starting a Fairy Garden is to attract fairies to your yard. Fairies are well know to bring good luck you know:)
 I was immediately in love, and I knew Anna would be too.
 Sooooo....two days after my initial visit with my buddies...
I decided I needed to go back and take Anna. She (by the way) was DYING to go after hearing all about it.
Keep in mind, this herb farm is more than 50 miles from my house, and I don't do 50 mile trips often. I knew this would be another trip worth taking. As anticipated. Anna was in love.
We purchased a couple of things to get us started and within 2 days time, we had a good start on our own fairy garden.
 We started by choosing our spot, then it just "came together". We cleared the ground, then we added our arbor with the gate for the fairies to enter. After that, we just collected items from the house that had been discarded in drawers or neglected. Fish tank pebbles, broken potshards, tiny pots and pebbles.
 Anything with a bling or shimmer to it was fair game.
I was able to dig up some moss that was growing downstairs and it was like laying down a puzzle! Little pieces came together like a smooth carpet. A soft surface for the fairies to walk on. It has, in a few short days, become a ritual for us to wake up and go to the garden early, before the heat sets in. We'll continue to add things every day. Such a fun treat for the two of us to share together AND, for me to be able to act "just a little" like a child again:)


Deborah said...

This is so sweet Shine!!
Your daughter must be enjoying this so much and isnt it fun to be just like a child again? :)
Puts a smile on your faces and into the depths of your hearts!
Bless you both and your sweet times together!!!

Deborah xoxoxoxoxo

Sherry said...

That is super cute! I have always wanted to make one of these. We have a lot of trees and a mossy yard. It would be fodder for the little folk, me thinks!;) Lots of great ideas with that visit for sure. I just need to try it. Last week we even had a fairy ring under the trees. It's as if they are taunting me.

Anonymous said...

Tamie, it turned out so cute! I really need to get going on one here. Maybe get the grandgirls to help me. You have motivated me.

Miss Gracie's House said...

Your daughter is the lucky enjoy these precious days!

podso said...

What a neat thing for you to do with your daughter! I wish I had some fairy dust to send your way!

Thanks for your comment on my fireplace ... I wonder if you have found a new house yet, I enjoyed seeing the house you fell in love with and even appreciated the photos of the stairway and bannister as both myself and a friend are thinking of painting the railing of our bannisters black! This will help with the decision. That upper hallway with the bookcases ... oh my!