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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Oh Happy Day! ! !

A VERY happy day indeed. Guess who's back????? I'll give you a hint. She's super sharp....stylish and ever so precise.

 Oh how I have missed my dear friend. If you remember, I tragically, but accidentally dropped my sweetie. Trust me, it hurt me far more than it did her:) I couldn't bear to look at her for a while, but I when I finally found the intestinal fortitude to do so, I found out she was going to cost me a pretty penny for her recovery treatment.
Somewhere in the neighborhood of $200.00, plus shipping. Ouchie. I had a hard time swallowing that, as much as I loved the dear girl.....what to do? I was almost ready to send her out the door when dear hubby said..."let me take care of her". I was in such a bad frame of mind, I just relinquished my beloved. She was gone for what seemed like an eternity. Yesterday however, sweet hubby said...."Shine, I have a surprise"....then he held out my baby all fully recovered!!!!! Here's the funny part. She never left the house. When I dropped the dear girl, she landed right on her face. Actually, the rim of her face. When I tried to turn her on, her lens couldn't move or focus, the rim was bent. Hubby carefully removed her delicate rim and low and behold she came alive!! She could not go around without a proper rim though! Sooooo.....hubby ever so smoothly bent her rim back into place and popped it back on. He is SO clever, that man of mine.
So here she is, in all her glory. Hallelujah!!! I am a happy girl:))))))) Blessings to you all sweet friends....Have a lovely evening~~~~Shine


Deborah said...

Oh Shine..Im so happy for you...that would be awful to have lost her :(
I would be so upset too, but thats so great that your hubby took care of her!!
By the way...shes a beauty!!
Have a wonderful week sweet friend

Debroah xox

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Happy to hear you have your 'eye' back again, and now we can enjoy your awesome pictures :)
What a clever fella !

Red Rose Alley said...

I used to have a camera like that that my brother gave to me, and it took the best pictures. I really miss it. I gave it back to him when we moved. So glad you got yours back.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

Miss Gracie's House said...

That is just awesome...I wish we would have thought of that last year when I dropped my camera...glad your friend is well!