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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Be Careful What You Wish For....It Just May Come True

We've all heard that popular phrase, but I've come to realize there's alot of truth in those old sayings. For fourteen years, we lived in a small, but warm and cozy home way up in the mountains. When property started sky rocketing, my husband suggested that maybe it was time for us to sell and "move up" in life a little. The children and I heartily agreed. The thought of a roomy home, a "nice" home in the city sounded great to us all! It didn't take long to realize however, that bigger isn't necessarily always better. We did sell our lovely mountain home, for a really great price. And..we were able to buy a beautiful BIG house in the small city close to our mountains. That's been over three years ago, and we all still mourn for our little mountain house.
The home we bought is fantastic. Almost seven thousand square feet! We have plenty of room for all our kids. (And others too!) And we have lots of room for our home based business. We have been truly blessed. We actually just live in half of the house and the other is designated business and storage. The thing is....our hearts are still just in the mountains! We're just a short drive away, but it's not the same.
I said from the beginning that I believed God put us in this house for a reason and I still fully believe that. Every day I try to remind myself of something I love about this house. It truly is fabulous. We knew right away that we wanted to go back to the mountains, so after about 18 months, we put this house on the market. Weeks, then months went buy...then the economy fell apart and a year and a half had passed with no serious offers. We took the house off the market in Dec. and are trying to decide what to do. For now, we're gonna stay right here and enjoy this awesome house! Perhaps we'll re-list it in the spring, maybe not. In the meantime, we're gonna start living in it like it's our home and not just a re-sale house. We've done a few things to personalize, but our taste is so unique we didn't dare do much when we knew we wanted to sell. Now.....we're just gonna live. Do things the way we like them and I suppose when God wants us to move, He'll make that happen.

Poor Anna!! Today we started taking down wallpaper. It was just not our taste, and after three years, it's outta here! Anna and I started and thought we were prepared for the worst. The first layer came off slowly, then the backing....then....another wallpaper!!!!Another backing!!! It took over two hours to do the small wall below...(apologies for the poor quality photo)

Hubby finally came in and feeling sorry for us, did the hardest parts. (Top of the page)

The section seen on this page is just a small library. The wallpaper goes through the living area which is quite large. Oh my....I think I may be in over my head! But really careful what you wish for...

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MaryCatherine said...

Ohh! I remember when Mrs. Jame lived in that house...SO much decorating potential in there...I know what bookcases you're talking about and they absolutely make me swoon. I can't wait to see what all you do!