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Saturday, January 10, 2009

The BLOCK is in the house! & Round II

After being sick for 6 full days, I was almost well!! On Wed. I thought, "tomorrow I'll be as good as new!". That however, was not the case. I woke Thurs. morning feeling worse than ever before. Sinus infection and bronchitus both set in and once again, fever, chills, nausea, etc. It all went by in a blur as things do when you run a fever. I don't remember much except severe pain in my head and sleeping...sleeping...sleeping. I tried to go to the dr., but they couldn't see me till Mon.! That's no good, I thought I was dying then!!! Tony ran to our health food store and bought two things on their reccomendation. Air -Power (guaifenesin expectorant) for the bronchitus, and Super Quercetin for the sinus thing. By Thurs. evening, I could hold my head up briefly, and by Fri. morning I was much better. Also on Fri., I came into my kitchen to see my chopping block had made it upstairs!!! I absolutely love it and can't believe it's finally done. Made out of 2x18 pieces of maple and oak, one board at a time. Several years ago, my husbad built my dining table for me out of 100 year old walnut boards. These two things are my prized possesions. I think this evening I may actually feel good enough to make a meal to set on that table!!

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MaryCatherine said...

Oh, wow! those are gorgeous! That chopping block looks like a million bucks! Your hubby is super talented.
Glad to hear you are feeling better :)