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Friday, January 16, 2009

What to do?

So....this is what I want to do....all the time. I just want to sit and knit or spin, sew or punch needle. SO many things I want to do, BUT.......

This is what I NEED to do. School, book work, business stuff....all important, but jeepers, I guess I'm selfish. I know what I have to do and most days I'm very diligent to do them, but I always have to make a little time for the things I LOVE to do. It's that time of year I guess when you just want to snug in and nest. Too many responsiblities for much of that, but I know this is a season of life that won't last forever. In Pigeon Forge they are doing Wildnerness Wildlife Week with lots of hands on science and nature stuff. Think we'll take take the children there this afternoon, but before hand, think I'll go knit a couple of rows!

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